Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wishing for a new car

Had lunch with my ex-housemates, sharn, chura and ita today at level 2 foodcourt. Sronok sgt, mcm2 cerita keluar. Cerita on sharn’s new twin girls, chura & ita’s new house, my wedding preparation, etc. We used to stay in the same house back in Kerteh. But now the four of us dah transfer KLCC. We have hell of a good time back in Kerteh. Memang happening habis. Miss the good ol’ days.

I was on MC yesterday. Doc said I have a low degree fever. But my body is bloody aching everywhere. Throat is burning. I took the medicine given and slept most of the days. Ruginye! I should have gone for window shopping at curve instead! Nie semua result of consuming too much Durian, Rambutan and Manggis. I was in Segamat for the past 4 days. Ada department meeting, and launching of our newly adopted school (Bakti Program). Now tgh musim Durian, rambutan, manggis, etc kat sana. So apa lagi, lunch makan, dinner makan, tapau lagi… then amik, flat terus… padan muka.

By the end of our department meeting, one of my officemate noticed the dent and scratch on my car. And I told him about the small accident that I met last week at LRT (I will tell you more after this). Then he made a remark (dah la kete buruk, bertambah comot jadinye). Damn, I know he didn’t mean to offend me, but sumhow it made me realize. I was the only one in the department who is driving a national car. Nazri is driving Civic, Mai is driving Vios, Syuhada – New City, My boss – BMW, Thava – Honda, etc… adoi… all of sudden I feel so depressed and down. Balik KL terus la buat luahan perasaan kat fiancé.

He said “Are you really affected by that?”
Me “yeah, in a way”
Him “ok, later we calculate our budget, and then we can change on of our car. Ok?” Me *Sengih* “OK”

Back to the small accident that I met last week, it was on one evening approximately around 6pm. I was taking my car from LRT KJ parking to go back home. I was so hungry, really2 hungry that day. I only managed to have yogurt for breakfast and a piece of biscuit for lunch. I lost my concentration and while maneuvering my car out from the parking lot, I scratch my passenger door with the car park next to me. Haih! What a day!. So habis la kereta saya… calar and kemek bagai. Bertambah2 la comotnye

Updates on my wedding preparation, my fiancé and I spent about 6 hours at my dad’s house last Saturday drafting our invitation card. We decided to have just one card (Side P’puan & side lelaki will be using the same card, nak save cost). Nak pilih doa pengantin jer dah makan masa about an hour. Let alone the format of invitation. Tapi takpe, janji puas hati. The draft has been sent to one of my dad’s ol’ friend in Jakarta. He will help sourcing for printer, etc. Tak sabar nak tgk the first draft from the printer. Really pray that it will not cost a fortune!

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