Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fav flowers

This morning, one of my BFF mailed and asked what is my fav flowers. Jawapan poyo ialah rose.. hehehe. I dunno the actual reason why she asked me this question as she refused to tell me. I suspect that this is part of their preparation for my Hen Party (ala2 bachelor party la, it is for bride to be). I’m so nervous thinking what they are planning for the party. All they said to me is to dress sexy, and have fun! Huh, what is the plan girl???

But actually I love gerbera. Somehow the flowers make me happy.

So tell me what is your favorite?



Dettol Survey
Source: The Star

Survey conducted at 140 homes in seven countries. The finding is rather shocking. Toilet handles and telephones are among the cleanest items in many Malaysian homes, with kitchen towels and taps being dirtier than toilet flushes and toilet door handles.

So girls, focus more on your kitchen cleanliness ok. A reminder to myself too… balik nie nak rendam sume kitchen cloth dalam warm water + dettol.

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