Friday, July 24, 2009

Kuala Selangor

This is the first weekend in this year that I’m totally free from work. No travelling on Friday, No work on Saturday & Sunday. Lega ok!

So decided to watch movie with bf (boring la nak panggil fiancé). We went to GSC OU. Since ramai la sgt org kat wayang, we opted to watched old movie instead. Not literally old movie. Meaning movie that has been quite sometime in the cinema. Takyah berebut, takde org nak tgk pun. The movie titled “State of Play” staring Ben Affleck & Russel Crow. Best giler ok! Although we watched the mid night show, it kept me awake till end! Memang sgt best the story line, and I must say Ben Affleck carry his part quite well. Worth the money spend on tickets.

So I slept late that night updating the wedding checklist and invitation list.

The next morning me and BF went to Amcorp Mall to checkout their wedding expo. It’s a smaller scale expo and not so many vendors are participating on the event. Hmmm… ok la, managed to gather stacked of brochure for reference and comparison.

Then on Sunday morning, we went to Sekinchan (for those of you who has problem with geography just like me, Sekinchan is sumwhere after Kuala Selangor… hehe). This is my first time been to that area. Memang macam perak sikit la… We went there with lil sis and her hubby. Mission is to check out Bahulu and kerepek for wedding favors. Dulu masa my lil sis got married, she get her supply there too.

Jauh la jugak this place. It feels like travelling back to home town (Sebab jauh la sgt).The name of the shop is M.H.P Enterprise. Kitorang pegi kilang dia terus ok. The price range is very-very affordable. Bahulu (3pcs) = RM1.00(with box)/ RM0.55 (Without box) and for bahulu pecah lapan (I call it bahulu giant because of the huge size) = RM2.00 (with box)/ RM1.20 (without box) ~quantity 500pcs and above. They also sell all sorts of keropok. I took the price list for further discussion with my dad.

On our back to KL, we stop at a road side restaurant. My lil sis was a little hesitated at first, takut tak sedap. We ordered soto special, pecal, nasi goreng ikan masin and jelly kelapa for desert. Sedap hingga menjilat jari! It was the most delicious soto and pecal I’ve ever tasted. For the record, I’m a fan of Jawa delicacies. Im a fan of tempe, so trust me when I say that the food at this restaurant, is truly tasty. Siapa-siapa yang lalu Jalan Kuala Selangor – Sekinchan, the restaurant will be on your right. So go and check it out.

Balik jer rumah terus flat. I slept for nearly 4 hours. Penat driving all the way to and back from Sekinchan.

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