Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shopping Spree

I went on shopping spree, again yesterday. I know I should be tightening my belt and all for my coming wedding, but I only shop because I really need those things. *whatever*

My first mission is to look for a perfume. The problem with me is that I didn’t stick to one particular perfume. And I can only differentiate the smell using to verbs; wangi or tak wangi. I can’t elaborate more then that! I simply can’t.
But I have a thing for Victoria Secret’s body spray. I’ve been using them for more then 5 years now. I love the smell, so did my bf (Fiance I mean). I know this because my perfume never fail to distract him from football (believe me, nothing else could!). Some of my friends describe the smell as sweet, yummy. Delicious, “geram” and “rasa macam nak makan”. Hehehe. But there is only 1 problem with the perfume. It is not available in Malaysia! (Only available in the US if I’m not mistaken) Sure there are few boutiques/ stores that sell them illegally (they are not the licensed distributor), therefore it is quite pricey and the range are limited. *sigh*


Back to my attempt to search for a perfume. My first stop is at the Estee Lauder counter. I’m tempted to buy the “white Linen” range as I got free sample last month and I think it smell nice. But unfortunately the lady at the klcc is too busy with a customer that I don’t bother to wait.

Next, I went to a corner where they displayed various perfume brands. A very friendly female-guy approached me and let me tried a few different brands. After 6 different brands and 5 coffee sniffing intervals, I still cant find the right brand. Next, I went to another sales person. She asked me how do I like my perfume to smell. I said I like floral smell, I guess. And My fiancĂ© always seems to favor perfume with a “delicious” smell. She instantly recommended me to try on the “Incanto Heaven” by Ferragamo. And she’s absolutely right. I love it! She helps me describe the smell. It smells peaceful, elegant, fresh, and stylish all at the same time! Priced at RM 297 for a bottle of 100ml (I know, it’s a bit pricey, but I think its worth it!), the girl gave me a very trendy handbag. But save your breath, it’s not Ferragamo… hehehe


Next mission is pressed powder. I’m currently using M.A.C. It has been for 2 years now. And I love it. I’ve heard a make-up artist said that M.A.C make-up will look better once you are sweat (Once it really blends with your skin I guess). And it is true! It makes your whole look sexier.

But being me who am anxious on trying products, I’m always tempted on trying Bobbi Brown. So that is exactly what I did. As I’m approaching the counter, I’m thrilled looking at the color range as I really2 love earth color. The girl on the counter who was very observant automatically walks out from the counter and welcomes me. After telling my intention, she sits me on the chair and expertly stroke on the pressed powder on my make-up-less face. She hand me the face mirror and wallah! I look refreshed and effortless-radiant. I felt in love with the powder and its light texture. Unfortunately the one with foundation is out of stock (I mean the shade that suits me); therefore I have to settle with the normal pressed powder. The price is RM110 (non-refillable>>> another shortfalls compared to M.A.C). I decided to give it a try and if I’m not satisfied, will turn back to M.A.C. the girl offered to put a blusher and lip-gloss to complete my look. Why not! Hehehe…

On another note, i-Setan is currently having a Mid-year sale (heck, almost every store is having one, its Malaysia mid-year mega sale). Unfortunately, no discounts on perfumes and make-ups. But there are giving RM10 vouchers for every RM100 spent on these items (for members only). So apa tunggu lagi, jom shopping!
Mission accomplished! Phew…


Anonymous said...

personally I prefer MAC... they have nice colors

Anonymous said...

victoria secret mmg best bau dia... tapi malangnye takde kat mesia kan?

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