Thursday, July 30, 2009

M@d Ab@ut PiZZa

I’m a sucker for Italian food. Pasta, pizza, pastries, you name it. I guess that is the culprit behind my diet-attempt-failure. I’m good at cooking them too. I never attempted pizza or pastries, maybe because I didn’t have an oven, yet, but I can make delicious pasta (my family said so… hehehe). Maybe next time I’ll blog about pasta cooking.

Coming back from work yesterday, I was craving for pizza. So me and fiancé decided to have pizza for dinner. Suddenly I recalled about this new pizza restaurant nearby my house in Kota Damansara (Dataran Sunway Damansara to be exact). The place is called MAD ABOUT PIZZA. I’m sure some of you have heard of the name or even tried it before. But the place is new to us. This place carries the tagline; “not your ordinary pizzeria”, and the restaurant looks cozy too.

Knowing that I’m a first timer there, the friendly waitress explained to me the menu and the promos that they are having. So I decided to try Make My Own Pizza! For the price of RM13.50, I get to choose a 11” pizza (medium = 6 slices) with the choice 5 toppings! Isn’t that tempting or what? So I chose the classic crust pizza (you get to choose from 3 selections of thin crust, classic crust, and for health conscious, you can opt for whole meal crust). The toppings that I opted are beef pepperoni, mushrooms, bbq chicken, pineapple and extra cheese… yummy! And here’s the outcome….

Pic 1: the pizza box

Pic 2: in just few minutes, we finished half of the pizza
(I had 1 slice, and fiance had 2!)

Pic 3: warning! Do not look at this picture during
fasting month. Hehehehe

Since the slices is quite big, I only manage to have 2 slices, while my fiance finished the remaining 4… hehehehe

Like any other pizza, the crust hardened once it is cooled off… so I would advise for the pizza to be consumed immediately, or reheat if you have microwave oven at home.For detail menu and prices (as well as mouthwatering pictures), please visit their website.

Next I’m planning on trying the pizza at Papa John’s. I will tell you the experience once I did.

kat mana lagi ada pizza best?

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