Saturday, July 04, 2009


I had just finished watching the latest season of grey’s anatomy. Very sad because Dr Steven is dying of skin cancer, and happy because Dr Grey and Dr Sheppard are engaged! And oh my! The proposal was mind blowing… Dr Sheppard was extra handsome and his hair is extra sexy and owh… I just love him!

I received wonderful news today. My best friend who used to be my roommate for 3 years back in the university is pregnant! She just got married early last month… bunting pelamin J

This morning I went to visit my kupu2 who just gave birth to a baby boy. She look good, the baby is healthy and handsome… I spent about one hour listening to her experience giving birth. It made me horrified but at the same time excited. I can’t keep my mind of babies…

Later in the evening, I instinctively text my fiancé “Sayang, I want babies”. And instantly he called me and said:

Fiancé: Nape tiba2 cakap pasal baby ni…
Me: entah… tiba2 terfikir *blushing* (not that he can see it anyway)
Fiancé: Takpela, kalau nak baby, hujung tahun nie kita buat baby… ok?
Me: *Blush even more* ok…

Hahahaha… weird. Been in a relationship with him for 4 years, we never even seriously sit and talk about married life, or wedding for that matter, and in a blink of an eye, we are starting to talk about making babies… I can’t wait! To have babies I mean. I want few of them. We will have fun together… talking, hugging, sharing, dancing, singing, reading, and other fun things that mom and kids do. I will leave the scolding, punishing, and disciplining part to their daddy. I want to be the fun ones…. Hehe

*yawn* it’s late. Tata for now.

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