Sunday, November 21, 2010

Car of the Year 2U (COTY2U) 2010

I accompanied hubby to the Car of the Year 2U (COTY2U) event that was held at MATRADE. I'm not so much fan of cars, so I'll just post a few armature pictures that I took out of boredom. I repeat, cars are not my passion, so, expect more pictures, and less review/ comments.. huhu

This is the newly launched car by Proton. It is 'inspired' by Mitsubishi Lancer, hence the name Inspira. Hmmm... for those of you who always comdemned Malaysian car, I think you should just shut-up. If you can afford to buy Lancer, by all means. Kalau suka, beli, kalau tak suka, just buzz offfffffffffff

This is Neo GTI, Lotus Racing edition (did I put the name right?). I like the color. But hubby said harga dia mahal!

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