Sunday, November 21, 2010

obsessed over shampoo!

I have hair loss problem. Not only during shower. masa tido ke, driving ke, my hair is left all over the places!

What is the main reason? Not because of pregnancy >> duh, obviously not (from my reading I found out that pregnancy is the main reason among women). Probably because of aging (I'm not old, but getting wiser), and because of too much exposure to chemicals (hair products, environments, etc). I used to have a really thick, black, shinny hair.

I've been changing shampoo like nobody's business. Pantang orang recommend shampoo for hair loss, I will be the first person to get it (not literally...)

Just look at the picture above. That is the amount of shampoo that I have in my bathroom! tak sesmpat habis, I am tempted to buy a new one.

This is my daily shampoo, Loreal Elseve. Until one day I found out that this shampoo makes my scalp oily. I washed my hair in the morning, and by the time it was 4pm, my scalp (and my hair) will be really2 oily like I haven't hit the shower in 4 days! yuck! I decided to try out new shampoo.

I tried Dove Hair Fall Therapy next. This shampoo makes my hair rough. I didnt know if it reduce the hair fall, macam takde effect je. Probably because I used it for 1 week only, not enough time for it to take effect.

This is not shampoo, its hair conditioner. Its is good. Makes my hair all soft and shiny. I didnt buy this for any specific reason, just because it is on sale :)

Next I tried Kiehl's Amino Acid Shampoo. The name sounds scary no? amino acid?? ahahaha. But the sales lady strongly suggested this shampoo for my hair loss problem. What I dont like about this shampoo is the strong smell of coconut (the main ingredients) and the fact that it is not foamy. Rasa tak puas shampoo kalau takde buih. But I've read in one article saying that shampoo with lots of foam carry chemicals that can harm you in long run... haih And it is quite pricey too. About RM80 (just the shampoo, I didnt purchase the conditioner, maha sangat)

This shampoo I bought because of the review that I read on blogs. They claimed that this shampoo is perfect remedy for hair loss. Bawang shampoo. It smells really strong (weird smell of herbs, not bawang.. hehehe) But recently, I read in one of the blog too, that it was reveled in one of the Chinese News Paper that this is a cancer causing shampoo. Scary kan! Apa lagi, into the dustbin it went. (Price: +-RM15)

So one day, I went for hair wash at one of the saloon in Bangsar, the shampoo guy told me i have sensitive scalp (red marks on my scalp) which will lead to hair loss (Which is already happening!)

He suggested Nioxin no8 (cleanser & conditioner). Memang bagus! Now after hairwash, bila tgk amount of hair yang gugur, memang makin kurang....(+-RM70/each)

Ni pulak Schwarzkopf Bonacure sensitive soothe Hair Therapy. I bought this recently pun sebab termakan recommendation from saloon people. RM135/ bottle. Blom try, nak tunggu Nioxin habis dulu.

So for those of you with similar problem, I hope the above helps. Nak try shampoo saya pun boleh, I have plenty!

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Hai Kak Saliza... hmmmm when i read ur blog "obsessed over shampoo" i terkenangkan myself ni..pun lebih kurang sama jugak..pantang orng recommend je i tukar shampoo..hehehehehe... when i see your shampoo majority pun i dah try brand yang sama...except for the "bawang" shampoo coz i ingat itu untuk lelaki je.. packaging botol tue kan kan..."NIXON" mmg bagus for hair loss i dah try...yup hair loss ni punca sbb our scalp problem.. tapi brand nie mahal sikit kan... tak mampu...hehehehehe so skrng pun i pakai Schwartzkopf...coz kalau beli kat kedai yg jual shampoo2 saloon tu murah lg dari nixon..and also bagus jugak..

Anonymous said...

oppsssss spelling error..." Nioxin"...hehehehehe Schwartzkopf kalau tak salah i for 2 bottle/around RM 130 -RM 160 kalau tak salah i la...sbb kalau u beli kat pengedar barang2 saloon selalunye buy 1 free 1 (the conditioner bottle kecik sikit)... kedai mcm tu bnyk kat sg wang...atau pun u can get it from Shins Shop...

lizamohamed said...

thanks for the info! this week nak g la check out shins... rasa mcm nak try Schwartzkopf

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