Sunday, November 07, 2010

Mee Udang Sungai Dua

Siapa suka makan mee udang? heck!!..... let me rephrase, siapa suka MAKAN???? hehehehe.. *saya*

I lurve food. Especially good food. I can extra miles and put on extra effort just to search for good food. (looking at my weight, I should be saying the other way around!)

So last week, on our way back from hubby's hometown nun jauh di Utara, we decided to singgah sebentar at one of the famous mee udang stall in the north, i.e.; Mee Udang Sg Dua.

There are 2 popular mee udang restaurant in Sg Dua. One is on the left (before flyover), and the other one is on the right (after flyover). Hubby and I decided to go to the first one. The name of the restaurant is Restoran Aur Gading.

This is ht inside look of the Restaurant. Blom ramai orang, probably because it is still early. Plenty of seats, and the parking space are ample too.. very convenient.

Hubby and I ordered mee udang for 2, and Fresh Orange for hubby, and my ol'time favorite drinks, teh-o-ice limau (sangat typical melayu.. hehe)

Ni gambar air (duh!)... air di sini agak manis.. tapi teh-o-ice-limau sangat sedap. When I look around, I see most of the people minum air kelapa. Baru la stylo kan.. kitorang ni macam gi mamak pulak.. hahaha

This is the mee udang. Serving for 2. At first hubby and I tought how the heck are we supposed to finish the whole thing. Sangat la banyak. Tapi ternyata kami silap. After 15 minutes......


Licin! habis semua kuah kami hirup. So you know the verdict. It is so delicous. Kuah sangat pekat, pedas, and terasa la semua rempah2. And most importantly, you can taste the prawn-ness in the gravy. SEDAP! and puas.

Look at the size of the prawn. Huge and it is very fresh. I think there are about 6 pcs of prawn (3pcs per person).

Now, you must be thinking this mee udang must be expensive. Yes, it is kinda expensive, but it is definitely worth it considering the quality and satisfaction that you got from every bit, or sip.

Total that we paid is RM37.90. About RM19 per pax (inclusive of drinks). The concept here is they will weigh the prawn (you get to choose the prawn and the quantity) and plus the mee udang cost (our prawn weigh about 375grams).

Must go, must try, please try, or else you will regret it for the rest of your life! hehehe

Next I want to try the mee udang in Taiping. Korang pernah try tak? best tak? ke kat KL ni pun ada je mee udang yang best? letme know...

How to get there:
Restoran Aur Gading, Mee Udang Sg Dua
Lot 228, Jalan Pangkalan Machang,
Titi Timbul, Sungai Dua,
13800 Butterworth, Penang.
Tel: 012-466 7967.

(sedap *_*)


Anonymous said...

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Sab 사브리 said...

Yup! Its taste good indeed. Got 2 shops.. both are comparable. Some says the other one tastier, no?! don't ask me 'coz I wasn't sure. Anyway, a bit proud to tell my kampung is located just nearby... ^_^

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