Thursday, November 18, 2010

Aidiladha 2010

I thought that celebrating Raya Korban in Kuala Lupur will be dull just like previous years. But I thought wrong. This year, for some reason, sangat meriah. Maybe because tahun nie raya berdua :) and all of my siblings are in KL too.

Hubby and I went for Solat Raya at the mosque near our house. After having some light breakfast, off we went to my mom's house.

Next on the agenda is visiting my dad's house. We had so much fun eating, talking, gossiping and eating some more..

How about your hari raya? I hope you guys have a blast too.

(Note: received a very happy news one day before Aidiladha. Thank you Allah... I hope its going to be better this time around)

Ibadah Korban

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