Friday, November 12, 2010

Egg Mc'Muffin

Are you a fan of Mc'Donalds?

If your answer is YES, then answer the next question (if your answer is no, answer it anyway.. hehehe)

Do you still remember that Mc' Donalds use to have Mc' Egg on their menu? It is just like the English version of our local Benjo. (I'm a fan of benjo too!)

You do??? sedap kan??! its my favorite! for some reason they stop having it on their menu (mungkin sebab murah sangat or there are no demand). I must say that I'm missing it..

Anyways, I was on my way to Seremban this morning, and I was ahead of time so I decided to divert to Nilai to have breakfast at Mc'Donalds (I am quite familiar with Nilai).

And I found this on their menu >>>>>>>>>


I dunno if its new on the menu or what, but I just noticed it on their breakfast menu. I know they have Sausage Mc'Muffin with Egg, but not Egg Mc'muffin.

So without hesitation, I ordered for the set (c/w hash-brown and iced milo; btw, iced milo Mc'Donalds is the best!) +-RM8 (with coffee/ tea) +-RM9 (if substitute with milo)

Omg!!! I dunno if it is because it is freshly made, but with the extra soft English muffins (the buns), nicely cooked eggs (not overcooked, just the way i like it), melted cheese and a slice of chicken roll... mamma mia!!!! trust me, ladies and gentleman, that is what define good breakfast... (not sure if its healthy tho :p)


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