Sunday, November 14, 2010

3 series

I celebrated my 30th Birthday last week. 091110 to be exact (try adding all of the numbers, you will get number 3!)

Being 30 means a lot to me. Making me reflecting back to the past 29 years of my life. I've been living my 20s to the fullest. so many things happened. I grew up, I learn, I fall in love, felt out of love, found my soul-mate, buying properties, took up scuba diving, i traveled, I was promoted, made some huge decision, some are good, some are bad, and made a few mistakes. None of them of which I regret doing. All of it made the person I am today.

Quoted from part of the bday card that hubby gave me :

"You are one strong lady, and that lady is my wife"

..... Isn't he the sweetest? :):):)

I'm blessed to receive so many well wishes from friends and family. In fact, more then 100 wishes! I get to blew candles from 3 separate cakes (yes, I got 3 birthday cakes), and few other surprising gift...

From left: Charles & Keith clutch from my lil sis, Crab tree hand cream from my cousin, and *drum roll......* a netbook from my hubby! He said it is a sign of support towards my passion for blogging and also my work that requires me to travel a lot.

These were given to me at a surprise birthday dinner that hubby secretly organized for me :)

This a a surprise present from my dear friend. Thank you for the effort... I really appreciate it (rasa terharu sangat!)

Owh, and a shopping voucher from my boss :) how cool is that?

So Three-O is such a big deal huh? I'm a 3 series now, and loving every minute of it!

** I made a wish before blowing my birthday candles. and the wish are the same for all three cakes. Please pray for me that my wish will come true... I really, really, really wants it, so desperately.

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