Thursday, December 02, 2010


Sorry I've been away for quite some time. So many things happening to me (and people close to me) for the past 2 weeks.

First, I've been to a 3D2N training in Hulu Langat. As the name of the place suggest, true enough, tempat tu tersangat la "ulu" to the extent there was no phone signals, not even a bar!

And it was a spiritual enhancement training. So the timing was really packed, had to get up as early as 3.30am (for solat taubat, solat hajat, solat tasbih, tahajud, solat witir, and finally solat subuh.. phew) and sleep as late as 11.30pm everyday! It was quite taxing on me. But it was so "cleansing"... trust me. Kalau harap nak perform all the prayers on my own, jangan harap la kan... So it was a golden opportunity.

And the place is in the middle of a jungle and there was no source of clean water and electricity. The electricity source is from generator, so please don’t expect water heater or air-cond for that matter. And please bear in mind that it is in the middle of a jungle and the weather can get so fre@king cold in the morning… ice cold! Susah gile nak mandi!

And the best part is the source of water. The main source of water is… “Drum roll please”….. RIVER! Air sungai ok, yang tak tapis2… why I said tak tapis is because, my friend who stayed at the chalet next to mine, found a small fish inside her basin! Hahahaha… and if its raining, the water will get really murky, macam the ais… yuck! I had to brush my teeth with mineral water! Tak selera nak rinse my mouth with that water… haih

Tapi come to think of it again, org Zaman dulu2, hidup tepi sungai, macam tu la their lifestyle kan. Ok je. Kita nie je (I’m referring to yours truly) yang being pampered all the time, susah nak back to nature. *self reflecting moment*

Secondly, on the day that I got back from the training, my nephew text me and said that my mom felt down and she is in so much pain. To cut the long story short, after sending her to emergency ward in University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC; formerly known as University Hospital), the doctor informed her that she fractured her thigh and had to be warded and later operated. She stayed in the hospital for 1 week, had her surgery on last Tuesday and was discharged last night. I was here and there between home, office and hospital non-stop. On the day she went for surgery, I spent 8hours in the hospital. And the parking area in the hospital is nightmare! On average, during peak hours, I had to drive up and down the parking building for 2omins before I can secure a spot. Exhausted!

Thirdly, it is purely myself. But I will tell you that in my next (future) entry.

All of the above made my life somewhat miserable. Every day I just look forward to go home, hit the shower, put my head on the pillow and sleep. That is the only time I have to retreat. My house is a mess. TV pun tak sempat tgk, apatah lagi nak cuci baju, iron baju, kemas rumah, masak, etc.

Now I am back on track again, hopefully.

Looking forward to the long break end of this year. I’m not going anywhere pun. Just wanted to wrap myself in blanket, and watch endless movie in the comfort of my home.

I promise you more updates soon... more entry, more story

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