Saturday, October 01, 2005

Perfect day

Ita and I decided to berbuka at Residence Resort in Paka. since this morning, all I can think off is the food that I saw in the buffet flyers. It states that residence is preparing more then 120 menu for the buffet. yum...yum... its still 7 more hours to berbuka :-(

we leave office at 5 sharp. it is ita's turn to drive today. Since we are housemate now, we decided to be more economic and more environmental friendly by car pooling (be cool, car pool!). anyway, we reach the hotel at exactly 6.30. met Ita's ex-housemate there. we shared a table. ha..ha... makan time! (I leave that to your imagination). The four of us (girls) talking and gossipping like nobody's business. It's almost 9.30 that we realize it is just the four of us left in the restaurant.. hehe.. girls and gossip!

on our way back, Ita suggested that we have coffee at another hotel (awana kijal). I was so damn bloody tired and sleepy, but it was just 10 o'clock, so I decided to follow. It turns out to be a gud idea anyway. we had our nice hot coffee by the beach while the band is playing a nice romantic love song. A perfect coffee, perfect atmosphere, perfect night, perfect song, with a not-so-quite perfect partner.. hehe.. I secretly wish Ita is someone else, then everything will be perfectly PERFECT!

I pack my back once I got back to our house (going back to KL tomorrow-yeehaa!).


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