Friday, October 28, 2005

balik kampung

It took me few days to think, rethink, consider, reconsider, decide, re-decide and finally decided on whether I should drive my car back to KL or not. The thing is, my car is a manual transmission car, and I’m sure you know what is the significant relation between hari raya, holiday and traffic jam!! After a few consultations with my family, MB, MA, and friends, I finally decided to ride with Ita. So yesterday, we left office at 2pm, illegally! Meaning- our bosses are unaware that we left office that soon…. Hehehe… we simply can’t wait for 4 o’clock :-)

I’ll be in KL for about 9 days to celebrate raya. So I have more then ample time to actually pay my visit to all shopping centre in KL and do my shopping till I drop...!! Eerrr… or to be precise, till where my money actually allows me :-)

My family and I will be celebrating raya in KL this year. This is after considering a few factors:

1) My grandmother had past away last year
2) My dad condition doesn’t actually allows his to move anywhere outside his house
3) I will have to go back to kerteh on 3rd Raya

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone, Selamat Hari Raya. If you are driving back to your hometown, drive safe. And if you are sleepy, stop at any PETRONAS station to have your free coffee break ;-)

Opppsss.. and not forgetting, Happy Deepavali to those who are cebrating, and happy holiday to the rest. ENJOY!

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