Sunday, September 25, 2005

fast forward

Its been like ages since the last time I update this blog... been very busy with work, life and stuff.. so here we goes, things that's happening in my life, in fast forward:


Just got back from orientation for new executives (2 beautiful weeks in KL). Im all energized and charged up. so inspired to perform at work. Every body was so excited to see me back in the office (or vice versa), they said I look glowing! bet you, 14 days without having to go to the office really bring the results... hehe.. I didn't even get the chance to unpack my bag from the prientation, got an e-mail from my boss saying that all executives are expected to attend a meeting in Kuantan... so I have to pack another bag, and off I went to kuantan... however it was wonderful. I get a room to my self (a very huge and beautiful room, with spacious bathroom) and the hotel is located just opposite to Kuantan Megamall! Lovely... the meeting goes well, get the chance to to mingle with the bosses. I had a conversation with my GM during lunch. he promissed that he will put me in the marketing department after serving at my current position... hehe.. simply means that I will get the chance to come back to KL and work at KLCC :-)


My relationship with kanda is officially over! end! Fin!
in a way I feel relief and more relax without him around me... But Im not going to comment further about this. It is enuf for you to know that Im currently single and very much available... to kanda:

It took all the strenght I have just not to fall apart
Im trying hard to mend the pieces of my broken heart
But as long as I know how to love, I know I'll stay alive
I have life to leave, I have all my love to give
I will survive!

MB - weird! that is the best word to describe our relationship at the moment. love, friend, care, passion and everything in between.

MA - spent most of my time in kertih with him.. dinner, lunch, and at work (sametime connection)...

and my best friends... nothing much to tell....


Abah - the doc finally took his leg away. it was in the critical stage according to him... so we agreed half heartedly... I couldn't imagine my dad's feeling coming out from the operation theater. without his left leg... But all of us are with him. to face the "dugaan" together. I bought my father a wheel chair and a pair of walking stick, whatever it is called. Really hope that it will help him in moving around before his leg is ready for a "kaki palsu"

Mom - had an arguement with her last week. she is nagging about me being 25 yrs old and still not getting married, or more so, not having a serious relation with any man. I told her that if she bring again the same subject in the future, I will not come back to her house again, and I never even hear the word marriage after that ever again.

sistas - the same boring things... nuting much


Had a hair cut... was thinking of cutting my hair short, to bring out new mood. but didn't have the courage.. so the same word to the hair stylist "layer cut, but keep the length".

I bought a new phone, K700I. miss my old samsung... lots of memories.. but I have no choice.


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