Tuesday, October 04, 2005

night out

A few of my orientation friends from KL is coming to kertih today (meeting,audit, offshore and all). So, we, people in kertih decided to take them outfor dinner. Nothing fancy, but we had a great time.. Nice food, nice chatand all.. On our way back, I decided to ask Syahril to drop me at the guardpost since he will have to drive another 14 KM or so to drop the rest ofthem at the hotel... And MA agreed to fetch me there (guard post). But itturns out to be a bad idea. The e-mail below explains everything :

From MA:

u are mad at me, aren't u? I knew what u had in your mind, that
i really owe u an apology for putting in trouble, waiting and
walking home just by urself.
well if so, " Liza, thousands apologies!!, I'm truly sorry"
whatever it was, actually I could explain which I would and I
know, I will.... when I got a chance.
as u wish.... no more ..... no more .... and no more ...... and
no more ....... and so on...

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e-mail: MA@p*******.com.my

From Me:

It is not a big matter actually. let me tell u what actually happened last nite

1) syahril drop me off at the guard post.
2) I called u but u didn't answer (u were performing prayer)
3) I didn't know what to do, my bat is getting low
4) I realize that Ileft my house key in syahril's car
5) Im affraid that I will not be able to call my house mate since my batt is getting very low 6) decided to walk back home
7) I walk thru the children's playground
8) got home and Im sweating and realize that I left my charger in the office
9) getting ready for sleep and realize how stupid i've reacted (should have wait for you at the guard post)

It is not ur mistake, I yang tak reti bersabar... Im sorry

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tel: (+609) 8** **** / fax: (+609) 8** ****
email: sm@p*******.com.my

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