Sunday, October 16, 2005

what's happenning?

Lori Ikan

The rest of the staff in my department is busy decorating our office forthe coming raya. I try to get my hands on making ketupat out of ribbon. Butit turns out to be a tikar instead hehe... At 4 o'clock, one of the officeboy informed us that there is a lorry skidded at kerteh and that had causeda traffic. So I decided to leave office at 5pm sharp. And fair enuf, I wascaught in the traffic. The car is moving and inch every minute, and I stillhave like another 14 KM to go! I reach the town at 6.30. Called up Ita andwe decided not to continue our journey back. Met her infront of McD.


Syahril, nurul, ita, mazran, azizul and I break our fast at McD today. We decided to try the buffet promotion that McD is promoting. At first I don'tthink that it is worth it to pay RM18 since all your stomach can accept atMcD is a burger, fries, drink and the most one ice-cream or pie. Butsyahril prove it wrong... At the end (at 8pm) when we did the count,syahril alone ate 9 burgers (he tried everything on the menu), 3 drinks, 3ice-creams, 2 chicken, 1 poridge, 1 pie, and 3 fries! That easily accumulate to RM70!


I just got my own set of Astro today. Ita and I decided to install astro atour room, just to make sure that we didn't miss Desperate Housewife :-). Sowe got one each. Now I am able to have the remote to my self and watch myfav programes on MTV, Channel V, HBO, and all..

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