Monday, October 10, 2005


When I was in school days, having girl talk with my friends, the main topicwould be, obviously guys! When asked to describe our dream guy, romantic,gud looking, and rich would score high on the list. When it comes to myturn, I have a slight different view. I won't deny that some of thecharacteristics mentioned earlier would score some point too, but to me, Iwould prefer something else. I would love to meet a guy who really cherishor adore me.. Some one who appreciate every single bit of me. Someone whojust love the way I speak, the way I walk, the way I do things, or even theway I sleep.. Hehe.. Simply say, I like someone who likes me the way I am.Someone who would think of me where ever he goes, or what ever he does! Idon't know if it is destiny or just a normal coincidents, but today, I gotan e-mail that reads:

"Saya sgt2 tertarik cara awak treat people..ur smile, ur voice, ur tone ,ur dimple, ur laugh...the way u think ..make me thing ..untung nye sape dpt awak.."

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Andrea Peterson said...

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