Wednesday, October 05, 2005


First day of ramadhan and first time celebrating it in Terengganu. A daybefore puasa, everybody in the office is busy talking about what to preparefor sahur. And that evening, everybody left early. I am still replyinge-mails until one of my staf asked,

Staff: Cik tak balik lagi ke?
Me: lambat sikit.. Saya bukan nak masak pun
Staff: kesian sahur sorang2. Cik sahur makan apa? Tak masak ke?
Me: *trying not to cry* Entah la.. Makan McD jer kot

I went to pasar ramadhan in kertih with Ita and her housemate Niza. A lot of people there, I was facing difficulties in fiding a car park. My mom called last night and said it must be very nice to celebrate ramadhan interengganu and the food at the bazaar will be very tasty. But it turns out differently! I walk up and down the bazaar and all I can see is murtabak,keropok lekor, nasi kerabu or sweet-to-death kuih. No kebab, No roti john,No otak2 (now I really missed KL). Thinking of all the pasar ramadhan inPJ, SS14, KJ, Subang, Kg Jawa, Stadium and others, really made me feel likerunning back to KL there and then! I am not complaining.. I am grateful tobe able to celebrate ramadhan once again.. And hopefully Syawal :-) But...

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