Thursday, October 13, 2005


One of my staff got admitted to the hospital today. They said because of high fever. Being a responsible and caring superior, I went to the fruitstall, bought him some fruits and drinks (its not my fault, there is nodelifrance here in kerteh!) Off I went to Dungun Hospital. The place wasphetatic! A dorm-like ward, with no spring mattress, and no aircond.Spending 30 minutes of my time, giving enuf time for me to be grateful toGod. Grateful to be fortunate enuf to have brain and study my ass off inthe Uni, fortunate enuf to get a scholarship and fortunate enuf to secure ajob... Not just "a" job, but a very gud job per say. If I should be sick inthe future, God forbids, Im entitled to be admitted into a first classward, complete with my own room and TV. Looking at the poor boy's face, Ifeel ashame of my self. All my clerks in the office work their guts out,day in, day out just to earn a decent few hundreds dollar at the end ofeach months. Where else myself, the so called "executive" sittingcomfortably at my work station, doing some so-called strategic thinking,decision making and planning. Is that fair?I would bet, giving him a second chance, he too would study his ass off inthe school in order for him to earn what I am earning now, to be sittingwhere I am sitting now and to get the benefits Im getting now.

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