Saturday, October 16, 2010

post vacation

Hubby and I just returned from our short trip. We had so much fun! I enjoyed every moment that we spent together. Every journey, every day, we discovered something new about each other. Bad things, good things, things that made us loose our temper, things that we like to do, etc. Everyday we learned (and still learning) something new about each other. And accepting each others flaw.

Our flight from Bandung back to Malaysia was rescheduled to 8pm local time (it was delayed by 3 hours!). We arrived KL at 11pm. By then me and hubby was so beat up. Hubby had to carry and managed all of our 3 bags. Beg that we checked in weigh 15kg, his hand luggage weigh 5kg, my hand luggage weigh 8kg and that is 28kg in total! haha

He is still in bed now... sian dia. Lucky that today is Sunday and we have the whole day to recuperate.

You are suppose to come back from holiday glowing and energized, but we are in a total opposite.

But man, the shopping makes all the tiredness worth while.

I will update more in my next entry (with lots of pics).

Happy Sunday peps!

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