Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lindt - Lindor

My friend asked me to buy for her this chocolate from the Airport Duty Free Shop.

This is one damn expensive chocolate (excuse my language). RM67.90 per bottle. I'm not sure how many chocolates are there in the tube, roughly about 30pcs i think (so the cost per piece is +-RM2!). Being the "hantu" chocolate myself, i was tempted to purchase one.

And fair enough, chocolate ini sangat la SEDAP!

The rich and creamy taste of fine chocolate (it tasted expensive too), and it has a melted chocolate in the middle. (It harden if you store it in the fridge but will quickly melt once left in room temperature).

I ate the chocolate yesterday. Once I tasted it, I cant stop my self from having the next one, and the next one, and the next one. Before I know it, I already had about more than 10 pcs! I was on sugar high! I cant sit still and literally jumping all over the house.

My friend told me that she only eat 1pc in one day (sebab mahal sgt and sebab rich sgt). So today I disciplined my self and only had 3 pcs so far :) hehehe

p/s: she will let me taste another brand of chocolate that taste way better then this one (and more expensive too.. phew!)

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