Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pampering-my-car Week

This week I decided to really give my focus on my car. So many things need to be done to her. Service (due by 2,000 km!), Windscreen replacement (dah pecah for more than 4 months already), and wash (errr... I'm not gonna tell you dah berapa lama tak cuci kereta. Sgt lama!).

I was really grateful that I decided to pay additional amount for windscreen insurance coverage (it is optional). I paid additional RM75 and the coverage is up to RM500! So I look up for Allianz (Insurance Company) website and obtained a list of panel that I can go for windscreen replacement. You dont have to make a police report if the replacement are made at the panel workshop. And it is cashless too. How convenient!


And today I went to Shah Alam to carry out the scheduled service. Owh my... Sending your car for its service adalah activity yang paling membosankan dalam dunia! I waited for almost 4 hours before it is finally ready. Macam2 la masalahnye. rim bengkok la... alignment lari la, filter aircond kotor la.. Luckily the Service Centre throw in free car wash to all its customer. So, tukar cermin = checked, service kereta = checked, cuci kereta = checked.

My car felt brand new (well, almost :p)

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