Sunday, October 10, 2010

One day I am Pregnant, the other day I am not...

21st June 2010 : Positive result on Ovulation Test Kit

It gives positive result after 3rd day of testing

6th July 2010 : Positive Home Pregnancy Test

Sebab excited sangat, I took another test the following week. They are still positive, and icing on the cake, the pregnancy is now 2 - 3 weeks. We can see progress there.

7th July 2010 : Positive Clinic Pregnancy Test (Twin Tower Medical Centre)

2nd August 2010 : First Gyne Check Up (Prince Court Medical Centre)

My hubby and I went to the hospital happy and excited like any other typical expecting parents-to-be (especially that we are newly wed). But we were delivered with devastating news. The pregnancy is not viable. The doc said, at 8 weeks, she is expecting to hear heart beat. But from the scan, we can only see the sac, but no fetus.. we are left speechless.

As per the size of the sac, it showed that I am only 5 weeks and 6 days pregnant, by right I am in my 8 weeks. Doc gave me second appointment on 20/08/10 to see the progress.

12th August 2010 : Second Opinion (Tropicana Medical Centre)

I went for second opinion the following week as I just couldn't wait for my second appointment with my ObGyn. The doctor confirmed that it is a blighted Ovum. If you are wondering what blighted ovum is, read here. And the size of my sac got smaller too. hmmm...

16th August 2010 : Brown spotting/ discharge (morning)

16th August 2010 : Fresh Blood discharge (evening)

17th August 2010 : Check up with gyne (Afternoon) (Prince Court Medical Centre)

The doc advised me to wait for the sac to come out naturally. But she warned me that it is going to be painful. She said I have 3 options.

1) D&C (To 'clean'' it out so that I can get over it quickly, and put me out of my misery)

2) Taking abortion pill. (It will force my abortion)

3) Let it come out naturally (It will take from 1 week to 1 month. Kalau tak keluar jugak, then I have to go for D&C)

Coincidently, my hubby is scheduled to go to Paris on the next day. How convenient is that? haih... Therefore we decided to wait until my hubby return and decide on the next step. Doc advised met not to stay at home alone and gave me 2 weeks MC as she doesnt want me to experience "it" at office. So we went home, speechless, once again.

18th August 2010

4.00am : Sent hubby to KLIA for Paris

6.30pm : Buka Puasa with SS, Bubba Gump @ The Curve with my friend

8.00pm : Stomach Cramping

8.30pm : Left for Home

9.00pm – 10.30pm : I stayed for more then an hour in the bathroom "fighting" and struggling through out the episode. Later I was told what I experienced is actually contraction. Owh my! Patut la aku berguling2 atas lantai toilet!

11.00pm : Emergency @ PCMC

After the episode, called my cousin who is living at the next block and she took me to the emergency @ PCMC. The doc asked me few questions and since he is not an expert of Gyne related matters, he made a phone call to the Gyne-on-call. Again he asked me few question and I told him that I suspected the whole thing came out and I flushed it out in the toilet! The doc said I should have brought it to the hospital so that they can verify it.They wanted to admit me to the hospital but i refused and promised that I will come back first thing the next day.

Check up with Gyne : 20th August 2010

scan & vaginal checking confirmed that everything came out, no D&C required. Phew! Alhamdulillah.

19th September 2010 – First period after miscarriage.

1st October 2010 – Follow up Check up with Gyne.

Confirmed that period cycle back to normal (alhamdulillah). Tapi I was kinda sad... because went I was there, this time, with empty stomach (or uterus), whereas every women around me in the hospital (at the gyne) is pregnant.. or with a baby, so yeah, it is kinda depressing...

also,I felt traumatized. The first time I went to PCMC with hubby, excited nak scan, tetiba dapat bad news :( haih...

but Doc said everything looks fine (she said that without even touching me... hahaha) My period is on track. So all I have to do now is "try all out!" >>> dats what the doctor said :p


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