Friday, October 08, 2010

Eat Pray Love - The Movie

Go ahead and miss me. Everytime you think of me, send me some love and light and just drop it" - Eat, Pray, Love

My sis went to watch this movie on its opening night. I was waiting, anxiously for this movie forever and was devastated (ok, devastated was a bit dramatic, frustrated la kot) when I found out from her that the movie was a bit disappointing. She said it was below her expectation and boring. How can the movie be boring when the great Julia Roberts is the lead Actress????

Hearing that, hubby terus tak bersemangat nak tengok. Since I've read the story book, and been waiting like crazy for the movie to be released in Malaysia, I still go ahead and watch it, alone. I doubt it can be any more worst than Gigli (Gigli is the movie staring by J-Lo and Ben-Afleck during their courtship era. I read in the preview, the movie was so bad, that in US, people either walk out of cinema during the movie or they fall asleep.. hahahahaha)

So I went ahead with my plan and watch it at KLCC after work last Wednesday.

The cinema is a full house. Throughout the movie, once in a while, people will be laughing hysterically, but I am watching it intensely that I couldn't careless to laugh. I was so absorbed into the movie and really into it.

I can really relate to the character. I mean, Liz in that movie is so determine and go for what she wants/ believe. But of course, in our culture, divorce is like a taboo. But in the movie, but she doesn’t believe in it (the marriage) anymore , so she is determine to walk out of it, whatever it takes, even if it means loosing all of her money to her husband.

I wish I am half as determine as her. Not the divorce part (I love my husband and marriage to bits), but when it comes to making decision, especially if it means breaking other people's heart (because I like to please people, although it means that i didnt get to do what i want).

And I love the idea of traveling… where u don’t have to repeat the same routine every day, no plans, nothing to think of (and no obligations or deadline)

Julia Roberts played the role so well. She is a bonafide Movie Star!

A lot of people asking me of the verdict of the movie. My answer is: I think some will hate it. I understand why they hate it. It is not like any other typical romantic comedy movie. But I love it. It got me thinking throughout the movie. It has a deep meaning, especially about life. (Gonna watch it again if I have the time, or else, will get the DVD for future watching.


1) Julia Roberts is so GORGEOUS in that movie. She is neither hot or sexy. But she is the type of women who doesn't have to work hard (be it make up, hair or fancy cloth) to make her look stunning. She is effortlessly beautiful! omg! when she smiles, all your troubles seems to go away.

2) Julia Roberts is 43! and she more lovely and pretty and graceful then ever! She was also awarded by People's Magazine as The Most Beautiful Person, 4 times (4 years) in a row! Not a single younger actress or artist can beat this 43-year old, mother of 3 beauty.

3) Right after the movie, I went to "tapau" bolognise spaghetti from KLCC Food Court. The spaghetti that Liz eat while she was in Italy looked so delicious that I am tempted to eat one myself!

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