Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ketam Masak Cili

My hubby is a huge fan of crab. So naturally I'm trying to make an attempt to cook them in variety of menu. I've tried deep fried and masak lemak. So I google up for new crab recipe. It seems that the most famous crab recipe is Ketam Masak Cili. I picked the one less complicated and using the least ingredients (at least tak la rugi kalau recipe tak menjadi).

My hard work pays! My hubby love every bit of the spicy sauce. Highly recommended for all of you to try at home. The recipe as follows:

Clean the crab and season with turmeric powder and some salt to taste

Ingredient A:

2 chili, some bird chili, lemon-grass, ginger, shallots, and onions (quantity as per picture above)

blend all of the ingredients above

Ingredient B

Chili Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Black Paper Sauce, and fresh tomato

Put Ingredients A in a pan and simmer and later add in Ingredients B

And finally add in the crab and let it cook. And enjoy!


~NURUL~ said...

wow!!! nak try la!

sila singgah... titian sirat menanti


lizamohamed said...

try la, and let me know kalau menjadi :)

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