Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Family Affair

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. It was her 68th birthday! I bet for most of you out there, it is about the age of your grandma.

After spending whole day thinking what to get her, I decided to buy her blouse or Jubah, considering she seldom shop. I bought it at Subang Parade.

Later in the evening, we celebrated her birthday at home. My younger sis bought a cake, and my mom requested for roti canai, so my hubby bought roti canai for everyone. My mom really like the jubah that I got her. She said she’ll keep it for Hari Raya. I told her that Hari Raya is a long way from now, but she insist saying that the jubah is too ‘expensive’ to be worn for normal day… terharu saya :(

This coming Friday (28th May 2010) is a Public Holiday for us in Malaysia in conjunction with Wesak Day. My hubby’s family will be coming down to KL and they wanted to visit our home. So we are planning to have them over for lunch. I’m so nervous. Having your in laws at your home is just like an “Internal Audit”. A group of auditor came to thoroughly audit your life. How glossy is the floor, how immaculate is your furniture, how cozy is your rooms, how spotless did you keep your bathroom, how fresh does your towel smell, did the condition of your kitchen prove that you are feeding their son well, and so on. I’m freaking out.

And most importantly is how well did you cook. Of course the easy way out is to eat out or to take away food, but I have the ego to prove that I’m a good cook. So, after some discussion with hubby, we came to a conclusion the menu for lunch as below:

1) Udang masak lemak cili padi
2) Sayur Campur
3) Ayam goreng berempah
4) Telur dadar
5) Sambal tumis ikan bilis
6) Trifle (dessert)
7) Fruits
8) Sirap limau

What do you think of the menu combination? Ok tak? I cant pick a more elaborate menu, tak reti nak masak! Hehehe

Wish me luck people!

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