Friday, May 21, 2010

Golden Ticket

I’m a fan of cupcakes (or most of you now call it cuppies). I love cuppies mostly because of its cute size, pretty icing and decorations. I even bought a book on cuppies and begin baking them for close friends and relatives. But again, it is always convenient to buy them! Hehehe

Last month a new cup cake shop named BISOU Bake Shop (BBS) opens its outlet in KLCC. Yippe! More reasons to spend more money and adding unnecessary calories  hehehe

Anyways, in conjunction with its opening, BBS is running a promotion called “Golden Ticket” for its customers (Yeah, just like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory). Everyday they will put ONE (only 1) Golden Ticket under its Choco Dementia Cupcake, and the lucky customer who bought this one lucky cupcake that carries the Golden Ticket sticker will win a prize! Isn’t that interesting?

What is the prize? It is a hand-bag organizer by Gin & Jaqie worth Rm50! This hand-bag organizer fits in most hand-bag (and it functions as an organizer… duh!) and it makes changing handbag a doddle! Just what I need (FYI, on average, I need about 3 to 5 minutes just to locate my car key/ hand-phone in my handbag. It’s a mess! ) Owh, the bad news is, the contest is over. It runs in the whole month of April.

So me and my cheeky girl-friends went to the shop, literally everyday, to try out our luck. And you know what? I won! Hehehehehe…

Choco Dementia Cupcake

The Golden Ticket

The prize

How convenient is that?

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