Thursday, May 13, 2010

face creme

How much are you willing to pay for a good face cream? I mean a really, really, really good cream?

I started using face cream/ moisturizer when I was in my secondary school years. The first cream that I used is Oil of Ulan (now re-branded to Oil of Olay). If anyone of you can recall, this cream is packaged in a heavy glass bottle.

The product was acquired by Procter & Gamble in 1985. P&G greatly expanded Olay both in lineup and internationally. Olay became one of P&G’s billion dollar brands in 2003.

I continued using the product until 2005. I have a very good chemistry with the product. In fact, when I decided to change to product/ brand of a higher brand, I did a skin analysis. Even the beauty consultant was impressed with my skin. According to her, my skin analysis showed that my skin is equivalent to the age of 15 years old girl. 10 years younger! But I changed my product anyway. Nie la yang di katakan peer pressure. I was already working at that time. Earning my own income, I felt that I deserve a more expensive product reflecting my status at that time. Takkan la dah jadi executive, pakai RM30 moisturizer kan (how mengada I was at that time... I should have stick to Olay!)

So I started using Clinique. It is not that expensive, but still branded. But the product doesnt suit me. My skin was left dry and break-outs every now and then. Bad choice!

So I was forced to switch to another brand. After much consideration, I switched to Clarins. I was tempted with their plant-based-product. The smell of the cream are nice too.... hahaha.. Also, I decided that 28 is a good age to start using anti-aging product (yeah, yeah, I was a little vain). The product is slightly more expensive from the last that I used, but still I find it affordable. The anti aging cream is ok on my skin and I even decided to subscribe to their facial package. And oh my! the facial sessions was amazing! they did not use any of the painful machines to extract black-heads and so on. In fact, no machine at all. They only use special massage techniques and it feels like heaven!

But recently, I was really, really tempted to use another product/ brand. A friend of mine is using it. I even saw the product on E! when they discussed about top 10 best product. I read about the product in my chick-flicks novel and in the magazines. The product are everywhere! The only thing that stop (or rather delayed) me from making the purchase is the PRICE. It cost a fortune! Well, not really a fortune, but hell expensive. Way expensive then the products that I ever used.

Last 2 weeks, coincidentally the product was having a promo at the concourse level of my office (KLCC). Convenient! The promo doesnt mean price cut. They were only having some promo (where they throw in some free stuff upon purchase). So I finally bought it! Do you want to know what is the product? read about it in my next entry :D

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Miss Cheah said...

Hi. I don't use face creme. I find it uncomfortable. Do visit my blog.

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