Saturday, May 29, 2010

Honesty is the best policy

Once in a while, especially when both me and hubby is busy, we will send our laundry to errr, laundry (dobi). Just like eating out for dinner once in a while when im too busy/ lazy to cook.

Yesterday, when hubby went to pick our laundry, he found a 10cent coin pasted to our receipt. He asked the laundry lady and she explained that she found the 10cent coin in hubby's jeans. How honest is that? But my hubby said to me what if the money that she found is RM10 or RM100 for that matter? will she do the same? I dunno, that will be a good experiment huh? hehehe

Thank you lady laundry, I'm so proud of you. A prove that there are still honest people living on this earth.

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