Friday, June 04, 2010

Yet another lovely non-working Friday

Tomorrow (Saturday) is a Public Holiday. It's Agung's Birthday. My company gave us a replacement holiday on Friday, which is today.. Yehaww!

Tapi kesian hubby, he has to work.. hehehe. SO I decided to make his morning by making him Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)for his breakfast. I woke up at 6am to cook. Tak guna perencah instant ok, I made it from scratch.

After he left for work, I begin to do some house keeping. Putting back the spare pillow, blanket and comforter, that was used by my in-laws last week, back in the cabinet, and other normal house work.

After that, I went to pay the bills (water, electricity, internet, phone, and Cukai Pintu). Mind you, the Cukai Pintu is bloody expensive! I just knew that all property owner are required to pay Cukai Pintu twice a year. Mine is RM252 for half year, and I forgot the pay it, and now, the outstanding is RM524 (RM20 penalty for late payment, haih!). Nasib baik tak kena repossess rumah saya..

Next on the list, is The Curve! I went there for about 2 hours. Window shopping la konon, which I ended up buying yet another pair of shoe (Ada sale ok! who can resist?)

Feast your eyes people!

My shopping bag (most of them are food :D)

The shoe from Vincci. Less 50%. From RM69 it was reduced to RM34.50. Me likey :D
Guna duit balance yang hubby bagi to pay the utilities bill :)

My favorite cuppies by far, from Cupcake Chic.RedValvet (Redvallet cake and Creme Cheese frosting) and Chocoffee (Coffee falovered cake and chocolate toppings) and ~ Yummy! RM4.50 each

KL Bird park is having its promo at IKANO. They even set up a mini bird zoo inside the mall! In conjunction with the event, they are selling entrance ticket to KL Bird Park at a discounted price. Adult: RM10 (original price: RM20), Child (3yrs to 12yrs): RM5 (Original price: RM10). Since i never been to the bird park before, I decided to buy the tickets. I bought one for my nephew too! the ticket is valid until end of this year. Owh, I found out that the KL Bird Park is the largest indoor bird park in the world!

This is my lunch... hehe. Chicken TripleDecker Sandwich from O'Brien. Yummy!

This is the new take away bag from O'brien. Nice huh?

And that is how is spent my friday. Phew

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