Wednesday, June 09, 2010

which side of the bed?

It took me and hubby 6 months to get it right. I mean, who sleeps on which side of the bed.

Right after married, I cant really recall which side of the bed did I slept on. Simply because we change sides most of the nights (And we were too busy doing "other things" as well.. hehe).

Been single for the past 28 years of our life, we get to have the bed to ourselves. So it doesn't really matte,r as you get to sleep at any spot on the bed as you wish. But after married, you are required to share the other half of your bed with your well, other half.

The first few weeks, I will be sleeping on his left, and whenever we go for vacation or outstation, I'll be sleeping on his right. And a few weeks after, this will change. I will begin to sleep on his right pulak.

Finally, last night, we agreed that I will be sleeping on his left from now on. This is because we discovered that he like to turn to his left and me, i like to turn to my right while sleeping. So with this arrangement, we will be facing each other instead of turning our backs to each other while sleeping.

I problem solved. (I know more to come... adjusting living together)

Are there any written/ unwritten rules as to which side of the bed should the hubby/wifey be sleeping?

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