Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hari Bertelur

Hubby and I been trying hard for the past few months to conceive. But until now, luck is yet to be on our side. "Blom ada rezeki" like most of you out there would say.

Hence, I've been reading a lot on the internet about pregnancy, fertility and everything about the topic. And I found out (well, just realized) that women's "egg" only survive for 24 hours after ovulating! And that gives you a window of 1 day to conceive. What are the odds that every month, bila saya bertelur, I was actually on outstation?

I was becoming more and more anxious which lead my reading/ research on the internet to the topic of ovulation. Women can tell when they are actually ovulating. Signs like change of basal-body temperature, "discharge" from your body, muscle cramp (similar to period pain), and others... But thanks to medical technology, they came up with a test kit called Ovulation Test Kit (OTK) that will help you pin-point to THE day before you ovulate. Easy-peasy, all you need to do is pea on the stick! Meaning, once the test is positive, you will actually ovulate in the next 24 to 32 hours! So this is the best time for you to make babies! (read: Make lurve, as it increase the chance for you to conceive. You can just Google about this topic and go mad reading all about it.

I started testing on the 11th day from the first day that I got my period (just like how it was told in the leaflet). The first 3 reading showed a negative result. But it was positive on the 4th day!!!!!! I was so excited (macam la positive on pregnancy test :p) I didn't tell hubby about the result, takmo both of us pressure during the process (you-know-what).

So fingers crossed... Kalau ada rezeki, InsyaAllah...

Ovulation test kit

From below:

1) the first 2 test that I took showed the test line (first line) is lighter then the control line (second line)
2) The 4th test (I lost the 3rd test kit) showed the Test Line is darker then the control line... so its positive!

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