Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Mixed Match

I'm going back to hubby's kampung this weekend. My PIL (Parents in Law) insisted for us to attend a cousin's wedding in Alor Setar.

The next thing that came to my mind is what to wear? Having "kampung' in mind, I need a pair of baju kurung that is not too transparent, or flashy or tight. And remember that I have to wear tudung. All baju kurung that I currently have is either see-through or body fitting. Doesn't jive with tudung.

So after work today, I went to Giant in Kota Damansara to check out a shop there. There's a boutique name Wrapz (macam nama kedai makan kan?) that sells nice Baju Kurung at a very affordable price. I baught my last year's baju raya there.

I tried on a few nice pair. I like them but I have a tiny weeny problem. I tried both sizes 42 and 44 (yeah, I'm that big now!). Size 42 top fits me nicely, but I cant zip its sarong! I can fit size 44 bottom nicely but the top is too loose. I'm miserable. But the shop owner is so nice to let me swap the sizes! He told me he let me take size 42 top and 44 bottom only because I'm a regular customer. SO nice of him... hehehe. Owh, and the price is discounted from RM199 to RM180.

Now I need to find a tudung that matches the baju kurung.... hmmmm

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