Thursday, June 03, 2010

Magic Can

My best friend, FHMF always said that I'm easily impressed. I'm just like a little girl who easily gets excited over anything and everything that is "magical".

And "excited" is the feeling that I got when I found this magical can at PETRONAS MESRA kiosk. It is called HotCan. With the tagline "gets hot anytime, anywhere", you get to enjoy this drinks, hot, anytime you want. Hot drinks in a can, no kidding!

There are 3 types available, Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, and Hot Chocolate. I forgot the price, but it is about RM8++. It is using a self-heating-can technology. Now you get to enjoy your favorite drink, hot, anytime you want. Tak payah susah2 cari Starbucks or Coffee Bean. Interesting no?

Here's how it works. First, you need to go to any MESRA kiosk to get this HotCan (not sure if its selling else where, so far I only find it in MESRA). Read the instruction at the back of the can carefully.

HotCan Cafe Latte. Gets hot anytime, anywhere. It is made in Malaysia and most importantly, Halal.

Here is the 3 easy to follow steps.

-Turn upside down, remove seal on base of can and press activation button

- whilst upside down, shake the can gently for 20 seconds and then turn upright

- Make sure the can is upright. Wait 3 minutes for the drinks to get hot. Open the can and ENJOY!

And the drink gets steaming hot. AMAZING HUH? Saya sangat impress! hehehe

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