Thursday, April 22, 2010

Threading for Hair Removal

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What is threading, you may ask. Threading, one of the oldest methods of body hair removal, is popular in India and the Middle East. It is also used in some western beauty parlors. Threading involves rolling twisted cotton threads over untidy hairlines and plucking out the unwanted hair. One reason for its continued popularity is that it is so much healthier for the skin and doesn't result in ingrown hair.Yet for all that it is a temporary method, unlike laser hair removal which is as safe as it is long lasting.

I'm one of the hundreds if not thousands of girls out there who swore by threading as our monthly beauty ritual. My friend e-mailed me the other day to ask me where I would recommend to get such service. Do you want to know where I normally go for this? Read below:

Her Question: "kat mana u buat threading eyebrow ek? yg murah dah tak sakit"

My Answer:

-I paling suka buat kat Bangsar. At one of the shop-lots yang facing Bangsar Village tu (Sederet dgn Chawan, Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, Baskin Robin, etc) Takde la sakit sgt, totally depends on siapa yang buat kat you haritu. Ikut nasib. Ada yang buat gentle enuf, ada yang sakit sikit (but nothing compares to Brazilian Wax!) I slalu buat eyebrow and upper lips. Dia charge RM9/ RM10. Ada about 2 kedai kat situ, you can go either one. Just cari kedai india, dia akan tulis kat banner luar… kalau dia ada buat facial, manicure, body scrub, etc, sure ada threading

-Tapi semlm I baru pegi buat. Kat KJ (sebb malas nak drive g bangsar). Kat depan Padang FAM tu. Ada kedai india gak, second floor. That is Sara’s favorite place. I ada la dalam 2 or 3 kali buat kat situ. I tak suka sebb everytime I pegi, sure kening I akan darah… I dunno y. tapi tak sakit la. and dia buat kening I jadi nipis sgt, which I don’t like. But yesterday I dapat org lain pulak. This older lady. Dia buat very gentle (tapi agak slow, me think dia dah rabun). Tak sakit langsung, and Im satisfied with the result. But slightly pricey. For kening and upperlips, RM14.

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