Friday, April 30, 2010

Platinum Service?

Today is a replacement holiday for my Company. It is for 1st May, i.e. Labor Day. However not all Companies in Malaysia bring forward the Public Holiday to Friday since it falls on Saturday, unless if it falls on Sunday (get it? nevermind. The point is in on long weekend... woohoo!)

So I spent this morning to do few things that I've been dreading do for a long time (simply bcoz it is too time consuming). First is sending my car for its "spa"/ service and secondly to get my hair trimmed.

I sent my car for service at Proton Edar Platinum Service Center in Mutiara Damansara at around 8am. I wonder why they are so proud to call the service center "Platinum" while the service that they are giving is really not as the name suggest. The waiting area doesn't have tv, the magazines are outdated, and they only provide RO water to the customers, not bottled water, but the ones where you have to take from water dispenser. How lousy is that? Even "Pusat Service Ah-Chong" have the customer-retention-effort to provide their customers with mandarin orange and bottled water or sometimes air kotak. Its Customer Service 101, the most basic u learn in University.

What do they suggest the customer do while waiting for their car to be serviced? Sit on the sofa and look at each other for the whole 3 - 4 hours? mind you the service is not that fast either... so much of a platinum service.

They really should consider calling their service center "Bronze Service Center" instead.

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