Friday, April 02, 2010

BATA Warehouse Sale

As promised, here's the review for the Warehouse Sale. We went there on the first day of the sale but near to the closing hour. About 1 hour before they close.. hehehe Tapi best jugak, because there were not so much people to "fight" with.

This is the sale area. They have more shoes outside in the open area where they put children shoe. Sangat murah. School shoes were sold at RM15/ pair. And most of children shoe were sold between RM20 - RM5 per pair.

Men's shoe is between RM40 - RM20. Same goes to ladies shoe. Surprisingly most of the sizes are already out of stock (it was just the first day of the sale ok). I suspect they put out in staggered to ensure enough shoe till the end of the sale period.

This is what i bought. The first Primavera shoe was reduced from RM149 to RM50. And the second pair was reduced from RM109 to RM50. What a bargain! Hubby bought a pair of Reebok shoe. The price were reduced from RM190 to RM110. Mahal kan kasut lelaki.

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