Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Old Town White Coffee

I started drinking white coffee back when I was in the University. It was about 10 years ago (OMG, I cant believe its been 10 yrs! felt like it was only yesterday, haih). Anyways, my then bf, introduced me to the white coffee (3 in 1 sachet) which he bought all the way from Ipoh. Instantly I'm hooked! It was Old Town White Coffee (OTWC). I drank them almost everyday and sometimes twice a day especially when I need to stay up for study (owh, btw, I really think the theory that it helps you to stay up when u drink strong coffee is a total crap. Well, at least for me. I doesn't work. I just think it was all psychological).

OTWC was not so famous back then and you can only find it at certain places (well, such as Ipoh :p). Hence, I tried tasting other brand that also produces white coffee, but not up to my standard (chewah).

Fast forward to now, OTWC has now evolved rapidly. They now even have their own chain of Kopitiam outlets that run on franchise concept. There are more then 100 outlets all around Malaysia. Amazing huh!

And look what I found in PETRONAS' MESRA Convenient Shop recently. Its my favorite white coffee in a convenient packaging. White Coffee in a can, and its from OTWC!

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