Thursday, February 04, 2010

Kisah Ayam Masak Merah

Do you feel tempted just by looking at the picture above? Well, it its not my cooking, I took it here just for, well, err, inspiration.

For some reason I'm craving to eat Ayam Masak Merah. So I browsed for the recipe from the internet. There were so many versions available and finally I picked the one that I found most straight forward and easy to follow.

Arriving home from office, I quickly change and get into the kitchen to begin with the mission. One of the ingredient is thin coconut milk Santan cair). I cant find fresh coconut milk, so I bought the packet (powder) version instead. The measurement is one cup, but since I dont want to throw away the balance neither to keep it, I decided to put everything in. The end result looks fine.

Next on the menu is fried mixed vege. After spending almost 2 hours in the kitchen, I'm done. I really looking forward to serve the dinner to hubby.

Later, at the dining table, hubby complimented my cooking :

Pandai Sayang masak. Sedap Ayam Percik nie...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA..... Ayam Masak Merah jadi Ayam Percik :D I'll stick by the recipe next time :D

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Anonymous said...

people with no shame

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