Sunday, January 31, 2010

Malaysian Hospitality

I know some of you out there (if not, most of you) despise flight food. Well, I’m not one of you. In fact, I always find them tempting. Especially those served in Malaysian Airline (MAS).

Apart from the food being prepared fresh and clean, they are also finger licking good. On each flight, you will be given two selections to choose from. Normally it’s either between chicken and beef, or, chicken and fish (Meals are only served for flight 2 hours or more I think. If its just for 45mins, makan kacang jer la :p)

I would like to bring your attention to this one particular flight that I took from KL to KK (for work). It was sometime in last December. I opted to have Beef in Soy Sauce (atau daging masak kicap dalam Bahasa Melayu nye) and steam rice. It was dinner time and I was starving. And fair enough, the juicy and tender beef was cooked to perfection served with steaming white rice together with fried mixed vege, yummy! I finished it all… hehehe. Although I was kinda full, I decided to help myself to the Ferrero Roche that was given as a desert (or appetizer), owh how my knees goes all weak for chocolate!

Anyway, when I was about to lean back to the chair, feeling extremely full with the dinner that I had, I saw the stewardess walking with a tray in hand handing out, to my horror (or rather pleasure), tubs of ice creams. Not just any ice cream, but Baskin Robin vanilla ice cream… heaven!

But yeah, you guess right, I finished the tub too (and I swear, at that time, that I will skip dinner for the next few weeks, or so… hehehe)

I was informed by the stewardes that the ice cream was given out as a treat to all guest especially for the holiday season/ school break. Kalau selalu pun best :D

Do you notice the food packaging? It is made from 100% sugar cane fiber. Not only you get to eat good food, you get to be environmentally friendly too!

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