Wednesday, January 27, 2010



I'm on my outstation trip to Bintulu. I just realized that this is the second time I left hubby sleeping alone at home. But he's ok with it (at least that is what I tought :D). Hubby will be staying with his old "rumah bujang" in Shah Alam while I am away. At least he wont be that lonely.

Anywho, notice the map above? Can you locate where is Bintulu? The reason why I put the map is because I didnt know where Bintulu is. No kidding! I took a two and a half hour MAS flight from KLIA to Bintulu airport, pass by the imigration gate, took a cab in the town and not until I went out for tea with my team that I finally realize I cant decide whether Bintulu is in Sabah or Sarawak.. hahahahahha.

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