Wednesday, January 13, 2010


HIS & HERS (Our wedding shoes)

Im married :) for 30 days now. Cant believe that I'm sumone's wife for a month now.

Alhamdulillah everything went well throughout the ceremony. Everyone closest to me are present at the ceremony. My best friends in primary school, secondary school, my dancing team (yes, I was a traditional dancer in my younger years :D), friends from uni, my room-mates (during 1st, 2nd and 3rd year) in uni, room mates in Kerteh, friends from old work place, friends in kerteh, friends in kl... semua la datang. I feel soooo happy, to be surrounded by people that I care. It just show how they care about me too, care enough to share the joy on my big day.

I lurve my nikah outfit, especially lurve my Sanding dress, lurve my tandang dress. Lurve my sanding shoes, lurve my tudung, lurve my inai, lurve every single thing on my wedding (ye la, who doesnt kan). My hard work spent during the 5 months preparing for the wedding are worth!

Will share some of the pic in my next entry.

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