Wednesday, February 15, 2006

TGI ... thrusday :)

Its Thursday again... Every living (and especially working) creature in this west cost area of Malaysia is looking forward for this day, just like everyone else in other part of Malaysia is looking forward for Friday. And yes, the level of my mood is almost reaching the floor. I cant concentrate on anything else since my mind are fully occupied on the thought of going back toKL this evening and also... MB definitely (Im missing you like mad).MB is leaving for JB this afternoon with NH on business. And his coming back on Friday night and guess what? Im leaving for penang on early Saturday morning. My flight is at 7.15 in the morning, which means, I will only have merely a few hours to see him... Crap!
Im having a terible period pain this morning. I went around the office building in search for pain-killer. I looked in all the first-aid boxes located at every department and asked all the female staff but to no avail. I almost fainted when I reach the first floor and witnessed by one of my colleague, Ng (errrr.. It is not as bad as it sounds really). He took me to the clinic and the doctor gave me some pain killer and told me that my blood level was really low and ask me to eat more red-meat. Hell no! I hate red-meat. Let alone eating them... He said drinking milo will do. So I will have beef burger and iced-milo for my lunch today. (red-meat from Mc'Donalds are an exceptional..hehehe).I watched a movie last night before going to bed. Its a movie called "Provac Nation" staring Cristina Ricci. It was a fast paced movie about Lizzie, a brilliant but troubled harvard journalism student. She got an award while in the uni, but at the same time she has a conflict with her attitude, family and love life. She abused her self with drug and alcohol and also... sex! Its basedon true story... Malas nak tulis panjang, so if you guys happen to drop by at any of the DVD shop, please find it okey :) chiow

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