Wednesday, February 15, 2006


28th January 2006

Im in the office rite now.. waiting for the second meeting to begin(8:00pm)... Today alone, I have 3 meetings in a row beginning from this morning!anyway, during my dept meeting this afternoon, my manager voice out that she was thinking of moving me to Kuantan branch and ask me what do I think of that idea. I said that I dun have any problem with it, afterall it is nearer to KL :) But my immediate superrior is againts the idea :( he said that Im still new and that I have lots of things to learn in Kerteh....jahat la dia....2morow is thurday, and Im not excited about it since Im not going back toKL.... and I have to wait for another few days before I can actually see MB :( My friend and I was talking about Geisha... She read the book and said it was way better then the movie (she already watched the movie on the DVD). ada byk part yang takde... So I was thinking of getting the book this weekend at Kuantan, and later watch the movie at cinema. And u really have to watch it at the cinema because it is the quality that matters and u are not suppose to support the pirate industry and like the radio says....PIRACY SUCKS!!! (hahaha.... Im speaking to myself too) and she said the movie was so good, that she cried at the end of the movie.... I really,really, really want to watch it!!! Orait, Its already 8:00pm. I got to attend the third and final meetingbefore I can actually go back and have a nice shower before re-chargingmyself in the slumber.


Chinese new year is just around the corner. Im sure that every living creature on this planet who work their ass off from 8-6 every day or thoose who is on shift and especially those who work as employee (like me) are looking forward for the long holiday that is coming next week. My motivation is zero. All I can think of is to pack my bag and head back toKL and to live as a human again!Anyway, me, sarah & mazran is planning on a vacation to penang this holiday. Yeehaa! I called my sis in penang to book us an appartment. Im sure dat all of us is going to have lots of fun in penang. Afterall, its has been months since the last time I went back to the place where I was born.Mt life is going on as usual. Revolves around work and travelling back to KL. My love life??? Hahaha... I get a goose bumps everytime I came to thinkof it :) but in a good way if u must know.... But only God knows the ending. And like they say, happy endings are only on the silver screen...

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