Thursday, February 23, 2006


My organization is introducing a new program called "Program Bakti Pendidikan P*******". This is in line with our company's Brand Essence which spell, "the energy we receive, is the energy we return, aspiring people everywhere". For this program a few executives will be selected to teach english and math in selected schools throughout Malaysia. In my case, I was selected to be the teacher in a school in Penang. Im all excited and looking forward to meet this children.

MB is sent me to KLIA that morning. All of the facilitators are required to wear the program's official T'shirt which i find very hidious since the color is a combination of stricking green and stricking orange! can you actually imagine dat? the person who design the layout of the t'shirt must be retarded or something. We dun have any other option though.

Upon reaching Penang International Airport, a coaster is waiting to transport us to the school. It took us approximately an hour to reach the schol. Our arrival was greeted with hundreds of school children, parents and teachers. There were kompang, bunga manggar, and silat in the openning ceremony which I found very impressive. The "PIBG" association of the school was very excited and appreciative of the effort that we are putting (expertise & financially) to help the school improve its overall performance.

Alas, the program ends at 1 pm. Tiring as we are, we were all very motivated and inspired to contribute our best back to the nation (chewah!). We left penang on the 3.10pm flight back to KL.

That evening, I had dinner with MB at hartamas square and also to watch the big match between Liverpool & MU. The place was crowded. We had a very delicious salmon pasta, ice-cream waffle and otak2. The game was great (Liverpool won and MB was happy), and the night was wonderful... gosh... being able to spend time with MB will always be wonderful :)

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