Thursday, May 19, 2005

short-term memory lost!

This is the third time [as far as I can remember…] that I’ve lost the key to my room! Horrible…. The last time I have to get my sista’s BF to break the whole doorknob! My mom insisted on getting the locksmith to come [she is terrified that the RM200 door will come out together with the doorknob ;-)]… but heck! Locksmith costs five times more than buying a new doorknob….

But guess what? My adorable nephew thinks it funny to hide the keys from me for at least half an hour. Somehow he and his mother [my adorable eldest sista] find it interesting to test my memory!

What is it with my memory! I am only 24 years and 6 moths old, and I am beginning to lose my memories… Yesterday, I spend 10 minutes in the bath room just to recall whether I have washed my hair the day before. Finally I decided there is no harm in washing my hair twice! Guess I need to hire my own PA just to record my daily chores!

But lucky me… I have a very understanding family and friends. They never get tired of answering my question [even though I asked the same question 2 minutes ago ]. And they never take advantage on this.. [ye ke? If they do… I really could not recall]

Guess all this lead to the objective as to why I write this for my entry today:

1) I don’t have anything interesting to write today
2) I forgotten (again…. ) to bring the NH’s calculator that I’ve borrowed last week! Even though she has reminded me for the hundred times….

*My case is still in initial stage… nothing like Drew Barrymore in the movie “20 first Date”…. I am in the midst of rectifying it… he..he..he…

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