Thursday, May 26, 2005


Saturday (21/05/05)

Today we are working half of the day. I always think that it is such a waste to work on Saturday. Come on!
The Sunday mood is already in everybody’s head… like any other typical Saturday, it took us (or at least me) 15 minutes to on my PC… another 15 minutes to settle down… 15 minutes to go to the pantry to get my coffee (I never ask the tea lady to bring the drinks for me to my table… kesian… rasa mcm my mom pulak L)… another 15 minutes to browse my e-mails…. Another 15 minutes to figure out what I am supposed to do… and the list goes on… By the time I can get the aura to work, it’s already 12.30pm! Gosh!!! How I hate working on Saturday….
My friends (MB & NH) planned on going for lunch together somewhere in sunway… But unfortunately I have to attend a wedding reception with my mom… I really want to “lepak” with them… but too bad! But then… by the time I reach home… something else happened… my neighbor (Indonesian) is caught by the security in Pyramid....... steeling! Great! They are facing two problems here. 1. Being caught for steeling and 2. Being an illegal Immigrant. With some sense of humanitarian instill in my heart by my parents, I start the car, and bring the parents with me to the crime scene to settle everything. With a few hours of negotiation, screaming, yelling and cursing… we manage to bring the criminal home… the criminal ( a 13 and 8 yrs old girl and 7 yrs old boy) kena hentam like hell at home… I am not sure if they are still alive since I never saw them out from their house until today.
Evening, went to SS 15 with kanda… had our dinner there. A bit tiring… and there goes my Saturday!
(by the way… Arsenal won the F.A Cup against M.U today… saw the cute face of Ljungberg… and that lights up my day)

Sunday (22/05/05)

Wesak day… planned to go to “car boot sale” with MB and NH… but after thousand of calls to NH phone and not a single answer (actually I called her 4 times J), we cancelled the plan. I sent my mom to aunty seha’s house in Shah Alam… and pick up MB at his house to have breakfast. Balik rumah, continue tido. nephew’s friends came to our house that afternoon and I have to send the boys to Sunway Pyramid as they wanted to watch “Star Wars”. While I was driving

Boy : Siapa tu (pointing at me as if I was invincible)
My Nephew : Makcik aku….
Boy : Makcik, boleh tolong kuat kan radio?
Me a.k.a Makcik : Hallo… I am not your makcik… please call me kakak!

(I mean…. come on…. They are 15 and I am 25… I can be their sister right?)

kanda called me at 3. we went to Lotus PJ for lunch… I don’t know about the price (since I am not the one who pays) but the “nasi daun pisang” certainly superb! Went home early… Had my weekly body scrub…and….zzzzz into the wonderland J

Monday (23/05/05)

final day of the public holiday… woke up at 8… with nothing to do… did my laundry… and made breakfast…“mee goreng”… I don’t think it taste nice… but my family finish it up in a blink of eye (okey… I exaggerate it a little bit…). Went for movie with my eldest and youngest sister and nene (my fav nephew). We watched a malay movie “Senario XX” (don’t laugh… I know you will think why the hell did I watch malay movie…. But hey… who else will support local industry if not us…. Local people… duh!!!) come back from the movie, I slept most of the day.. kanda called at 8. He picked me up and we went to up-town for dinner… I hate the dinner… not that the food is tasteless… but the whole thing! Maybe the way he treat me… I don’t expect anything like a princess but,… I don’t know… maybe I am comparing… the charming guy (the guy in the kuantan incident)…. Will treat me better… he will never let me be in any kind of difficulties…
maybe my friend, SA was right… kita takleh tamak… we cannot expect perfection in every thing.


I have the options right?

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