Thursday, May 19, 2005


finally... my own blog, my own space and my own entry... was introduced to this world of blogging by my wonderful [but weird at times ;-)] best buddy... NH. we've been reading a lot of blogspot including famous ones like makandeh!

I always love to write, but not sure of what. So I guess I'll just write anything that I find interesting to share with my friends and my kanda [read: my bf]. I'll be leaving my current organization soon to join a new [and definately bigger] organization.... somewhere in t'ganu. So this blog is specially dedicated to my friends whom I will miss dearly... MB, NH, and SA.... and not forgetting kanda :-)

I'm talking rubbish... don't know what to write... since I don't have any actually!

But I have to start somewhere, sometime right? so here it goes... my first entry!

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